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There after, the Association started functioning rendering generous services to its members. Annual General Meeting, extraordinary General Meetings and emergency general meetings used to be held regularly. Executive committee election used to be held every 2 (two) years alternately.

In course of time the name of the Association amended as "BANGLADESH CUSTOMS CLEARING AND FORWARDING AGENTS ASSOCIATION" on 14th July’1987. Then after formation of "FEDERATION OF BANGLADESH CUSTOMS CLEARING AND FORWARDING AGENTS ASSOCIATION" the Association was renamed as "CHITTAGONG CUSTOMS CLEARING & FORWARDING AGENTS ASSOCIATION", duly authenticated and enrolled by the Registrar of Trade Unions on 8th October 1997. The original "CONSTITUTION" of the Association was in English later on it was translated into Bengali with few amendments, subsequently in course of time and to fulfill the demands of the members, the constitution was amended on different times. Though the Association started its function with only 29 members at initial stage, at present total number of members is 1977.

Till 1994 the General Members (voters) used to elect 25 members of Executive Committee, among these 25 members President, Gen. secretary and other offices bearers used to be elected. By amending the constitution in the year 1996 system of Port Folio- wise election was introduced. Thus election system of the Association was more democratized to mark a red-letter day in the history of the Association. Under this system first election of the Executive committee was held on 22"d May 1996. Till now the system is continuing.

This Association helps its members to perform their professional activities both in Chittagong Port and Custom House. Activities of the Association are not confined only in rendering services to its members for carrying out professional activities; these are extended to other spheres also, such as members welfare, employees welfare, peoples charitable works, and cultural activities. Professional Training etc.

The Association circulates among its members, different notifications, public notices, SRO’s National Budget etc.

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