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Message from the President

Long waited opening of its website mark a memorable moment in the annals of the association.

Through this website, the identity of our association will, henceforth, not remained confined in a small sphere alone, rather it will have a wide publicity in the national and international field, which is a slogan of this age of globalization. Besides, different informations relating to the members will be available instantly, along with those regarding SRO, arrival and departure of ship and rate schedule of the port.

The website will enable the members to be acquainted with the latest information about the current affairs, commerce, business etc.

People of the different parts of the world will come nearer to each other to form a united world family by website.

The performance of the association, I hope, will be further enriched with the span of time.

This is an age globalization and the website will work as a good link towards that end.

I wish this project a grand success.

A. K. M. Akhter Hossain


Message from the General Secretary

Since foundation of the Chittagong Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents Association in the year 1974, it is rendering its most effective & best possible services & supports to its members in different ways & means to perform their professional activities properly & smoothly. Considering the services rendered by the association & its executive committee a new dimension is now being introduced to improve its services by launching the website, where from the latest and up-to-date informations related to our profession will be available instantly, we are confident to overcome any sorts of difficulties. This will be very much helpful. The executive committee has tried their best to keep updated about any informations relating to our profession. We have obtained all information & explanations, which will be available in the same. Any further orders, SRO’s, informations will also be incorporated.

Thanks to the committee for their excellent performance, on whom the executive committee entrusted the responsibility.

Also I take the opportunity to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the honourable office bearers, the members of the executive committee & respectable general members for their help & co-operation in this regard. The sincere efforts of the executive & employees of the association is not forgettable.

May Allah bless you.

Md. Altaf Hossain Chowdhury (Bachchu)
General Secretary


Message from the Website Convener

The history of the Chittagong Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents Association dates back from the year 1974, when a few leading C & F agents of that period started its function to provide with the professional support & services in different manner to its members. In course of time the ways & means of the services are taking different shapes. To day a new dimension is going to be introduced by launching the website. The association & its executive committee could be proud of it. I am confident, this will enrich performance of the association in providing services to its member and also will help keep update about all the latest informations related to our professions.

I am grateful to the president, the general secretary, all office bearer & members of the executive committee for entrusting me with the responsibility of launching the website.

I, with the help of all the officials & the members of the Executive committee have tried my best to make it updated in the process and all honorable members of the association, the executive and the employees of the association helped me a lot, for which I am really grateful. May Allah bless you all.

With warm regards,

Md. Obaidul Haque (Alamgir)
Website Convener &
Customs Affairs Secretary

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