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Gazette Notifications - Customs
1 Notification-62/2022 (Capital Machinery)
2 Notification-282/2010 (Antibiotic Raw Materials)
3 Notification-218/2008/Cus (Diamond)
4 Notification-213/2008/Cus (Diplomatic Bond)
5 Notification-212/2008/Cus (Bond-Exporter)
6 Notification-211/2008/Cus (L.C. Station)
7 Notification-188/2007/Cus (Potato Imprort Station)
8 Notification-187/2007/Cus (Fish Imprort Station)
9 Notification-186/2007/Cus (Declaration of Newmuring Container Terminal)
10 Notification-185/2007/Cus
11 Notification-184/2007/Cus
12 Notification-183/2007/Cus (List of LC Stations)
13 Notification-181/2007/Cus (Hili LC Station Area Declare)
14 Notification-176/Cus/2006 (Declaration of Sonamoszid Warehousing Station)
15 Notification-169/2006/Cus (Declaration of Newmuring Container Terminal)
16 Notification-138/2002/Cus (Declaration of Customs Station - Kumira, Ctg.)
17 Notification-137/2002/Cus (Declaration of Landing Place - Kumira, Chittagong)
18 Notification-134/2002/Cus (Declaration of Customs Station - Comilla EPZ)
19 Notification-133/2002/Cus (Declaration of Landing Place - Comilla EPZ)
20 Notification-129/2001/Cus (Keeping Records, Documents etc for 3 Years by Licensees, Importers, Exporters, Agents)
21 Notification-126/2001/Cus (Declaration of Approved Proper Place - Khulna LC Station)
22 Notification-125/2001/Cus (Declaration of Approved Proper Place - Sripur LC Station)
23 Notification-124/2001/Cus (Declaration of Customs Station - M. A. Hannan International Airport)
24 Notification-123/2001/Cus (Declaration of Landing Place - M. A. Hannan International Airport)
25 Notification-121/2001/Cus (Declaration of Landing Place and Warehouse - Benapole Rail Station)
26 Notification-120/2001/Cus (Prescribed Bill of Entry and Bill of Export form Order, 2001)
27 Notification-104/2000/Cus
28 Notification-69/99/Cus (Seized Vessels and Boats (Interim Release) Rules)
29 Notification-68/99/Cus (Unaccompanied Baggage (Export) Rules-1999)
30 Notification-66/99/Cus (Declaration of Dolura Area as Customs LC Station)
31 Notification-14/97/Cus (General System of Trade Preference (GATT) Concession)
32 Notification-03/96/Cus
33 Notification-346/D/Cus/77 (Rules of origin, 1997)

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